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Caesars Sportsbook officially recognised for responsible gaming practices

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Caesars Sportsbook officially recognised for responsible gaming practices

Eric Hession, the esteemed President of Caesars Digital, expressed his deep gratitude for the RG Check Accreditation bestowed upon them by the Responsible Gambling Council. With a legacy spanning over three decades, Caesars Entertainment has consistently led the charge in championing Responsible Gaming initiatives, a commitment that seamlessly extends to Caesars Sportsbook. By instilling educational policies and furnishing players with essential responsible gaming tools, Caesars endeavors to cultivate a culture of conscientious play among its patrons.

Mr. Hession further emphasized the significance of this acknowledgment, affirming their unwavering dedication to enhancing Responsible Gaming protocols and ensuring that players engage with the platform for the right reasons.

In a strategic move to broaden its online gaming portfolio, Caesars Digital recently forged a partnership with DWG in Pennsylvania, underscoring its commitment to innovation and diversification in the digital gaming sphere.

Shelley White, the CEO of the Responsible Gaming Council, extended her heartfelt congratulations to Caesars Sportsbook for attaining RG Check accreditation. She lauded the program as the most comprehensive gambling accreditation initiative globally, meticulously crafted through collaboration with policymakers, gambling stakeholders, players, and individuals impacted by gambling-related harm. Endorsed by stringent safeguards, an RG Check Accreditation signifies Caesars Sportsbook's unwavering adherence to the highest standards of Responsible Gaming practices, safeguarding players' interests and fostering a sustainable gaming environment.

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