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Powerball Jackpot Surpasses $160M for Upcoming Drawing

Powerball Jackpot Surpasses $160M for Upcoming Drawing

This past Saturday saw another exciting round of Powerball, America's beloved lottery. Many hopefuls entered, dreaming of landing the massive jackpot, but once again, the top prize went unclaimed. The combination of white balls 9, 30, 53, 55, and 62, along with the red Powerball 23, remained elusive throughout the weekend's draw, pushing the jackpot beyond the impressive $150 million mark.

Looking ahead to the next drawing, the jackpot has soared to an estimated $164 million, assuming the winner opts for the annuity payment option. A one-time cash payout is also available; should someone match all the numbers in the next draw and choose this option, they would receive $74.9 million a substantial amount, though significantly less than the full jackpot.

Despite no grand prize winners in Powerball’s latest contest, two participant one from Georgia and another from New Jersey narrowly missed the jackpot but still walked away with $1 million each for correctly picking all five white balls. Missing only the red Powerball, they fell just short of the ultimate prize.

Additionally, nine individuals won $50,000 apiece for matching four white balls and the red Powerball. Two others achieved the same feat, yet their winnings were boosted to $150,000 each.

The next opportunity for lottery enthusiasts to win the Powerball jackpot is rapidly approaching, with the draw set for Monday, April 29, 2024 less than 12 hours from now.

Mega Millions Jackpot Continues to Climb

Not to be overshadowed, the Mega Millions jackpot is also making headlines. After a lucky player in New Jersey claimed a monumental $1.13 billion last month, the jackpot has continued to grow. As of the last drawing on Friday, which saw no winners, the jackpot has reached an estimated $257 million for the next draw, scheduled for Tuesday, April 30, 2024.

Like Powerball, the Mega Millions jackpot offers a larger payout for those opting for the annuity. However, a cash prize of $115.6 million is available for Tuesday’s draw if the winner prefers a lump sum. Unlike the recent Powerball, the latest Mega Millions drawing did not produce any million dollar winners.

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