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Legacy of Dead
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Demo Slot Legacy of Dead


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Legacy of Dead by Play ‘n Go unveils an Egyptian-themed marvel in the realm of online casinos. This slot transports us to the unforgiving expanse of the Sahara Desert, where the haunting strains of Egyptian melodies further immerse players in an authentic journey.

Graphics and Animation

Crafted with high-definition precision, the visuals and animations of this ancient-themed slot captivate with their allure. A palpable aura of malevolence and mystery permeates, elevating the suspense to unprecedented heights. Consequently, players find themselves on the cusp of unlocking the treasures concealed within the pharaoh's burial chamber.

Game Structure 

Legacy of Dead boasts a configuration of 5 columns, each adorned with 3 rows, facilitating a total of 10 paylines. Furthermore, the game offers a minimum wager of $0.10, with the option for players to place bets up to $100 per round within the specified parameters.

Return to Player (RTP) and Multipliers

Distinguished by its superior RTP, **Legacy of Dead** eclipses its predecessors with a remarkable return rate of 96.58%, a notable enhancement from the acclaimed Book of Dead. Multipliers are contingent upon the quantity of victorious symbols, with the potential to escalate up to 500 times the initial stake.

Winning Mechanics

The mechanics for achieving victory are straightforward: every alignment of two or three symbols (depending on their nature) culminates in a triumph. Moreover, the presence of multiple icons within a single row augments the multiplier, thereby offering the prospect of substantial rewards.

Spin to Win with Legacy of Dead Symbols

Play ‘n Go has maintained its tradition of benevolence towards patrons, evident in the introduction of the Legacy of Dead free slot. Comprising a total of 10 symbols, this online casino offering categorizes them into two distinct types. Delve deeper into our review to unravel the intricacies of the mechanisms governing winning combinations.

Low-Value Symbols

This classification encompasses A, K, Q, J, and 10, which yield winnings only when three or more coalesce. Their multiplier values fluctuate between 0.5x and 12x, with the prerequisite of connecting five symbols for a more substantial reward. Refer to the forthcoming table for a comprehensive elucidation of the winning mechanism.

High-Value Symbols

Exemplifying greater rewards are the symbols of Horus, Tutankhamen, Anubis, the King, and the Altar. The multiplier for these symbols escalates in tandem with the hierarchical progression of the icons. Diverging from their Low counterparts, merely two High-value symbols are required to initiate a win. Initial bet multipliers span from 0.5x to an impressive 500x. Consult the table for a detailed comprehension of the mechanism.

Legacy of Dead Features – Everything You Need to Know About Them

The Legacy of Dead slot machine has undergone significant enhancements since its forerunner. However, the online casino game offers only two bonus features, namely Free Spins and the Gamble round.

Free Spins stand as the primary feature of the slot, triggered by the appearance of 3 Altar symbols on reels three, four, or five. The multiplier varies depending on the reel; for instance, reel 3 bestows 2x, reel 4 grants 20x, and reel 5 yields a remarkable 200x the initial stake. During this phase, the slot randomly designates a special expanding symbol. Upon its appearance, the symbol extends to cover the entire row, significantly augmenting the potential for victory. Moreover, fortuitous players may encounter an additional 3 Scatter symbols, reigniting the feature for ten additional rounds and introducing a new expanding symbol. Refer to the subsequent table for a comprehensive overview of symbols and their potential winnings during a Free Spin round.

Gamble Round furnishes players with an opportunity to double their winnings. Following a successful spin, players face a decision: whether to augment their earnings or not. This entails predicting the color or suit of a concealed card. The feature can be utilized up to 5 consecutive times, offering an avenue for further amplification of winnings.

Legacy of Dead RTP and Volatility

The volatility of Legacy of Dead remains shrouded in mystery even after its debut over two years ago. Nevertheless, its remarkably high RTP of 96.58% continues to entice a growing clientele.

Players can embark on their gaming journey with a minimum wager of $0.10, while the maximum limit per round stands at $100. With the potential for wins reaching up to 5000 times the initial stake, envision the possibility of turning a $100 bet into a staggering $5 million windfall should fortune smile upon you with the highest multiplier.

Despite lingering uncertainties surrounding certain aspects of the slot, our firsthand encounters lead us to estimate the volatility rate at an impressive 32.58%. This noteworthy statistic underscores the allure of the game, as it suggests that every third or fourth spin may yield a victorious outcome.

Become Master of Controls with our Legacy of Dead Review

The Legacy of Dead demo slot presents interface controls meticulously crafted to enhance the player's immersion. Among these features is the Auto Play mode, offering players the convenience of automated spins, with the flexibility to specify the duration of this feature.

In addition, the game incorporates stop limits, a valuable tool to mitigate losses during unfavorable streaks, ensuring players remain engaged without risking excessive depletion of their funds.

Furthermore, players have the option to adjust or silence the slot's soundtrack via the speaker icon. Simply left-click to mute the sound entirely, or right-click to lower the volume to your preference, granting players full control over their auditory experience.

Legacy of Dead Demo Gameplay

Embarking on my journey with the Legacy of Dead slot, I was granted a generous allocation of 100 bonus spins, igniting my excitement. Initially, I opted for conservative betting, wagering the minimum value over the course of the first 15 rounds. It was during one of these spins that luck smiled upon me, presenting a modest yet tantalizing reward for aligning five 10s, sparking a burgeoning sense of curiosity within me.

As the hours unfolded, I decided to amplify the stakes, raising the wager to $1 per spin. After 24 exhilarating rounds, the stars aligned, bestowing upon me the auspicious appearance of 3 Scatter symbols, thus unlocking the coveted Free Spins feature. Post the exhilarating bonus rounds, I found myself enticed by the prospect of further amplifying my earnings, ultimately deciding to test my luck in the Gamble feature with a promising profit of $520. Triumphantly, I emerged victorious on the first attempt. However, the fickle hand of fate swiftly intervened, as my subsequent endeavor culminated in the forfeiture of my entire earnings.

Undeterred, I seized the opportunity presented by 5 free spins, this time opting for a bold wager of $100. Though my endeavors failed to yield winning combinations with the esteemed High-value symbols, fortune intervened on one fortuitous spin, presenting a trio of As and rewarding me with a handsome sum of $1500, a testament to the capricious nature of chance within the realm of the slot.

Legacy of Dead Slot Details

Legacy of Dead Slot Details

  • SoftWare Play'n Go
  • Slot Types Video Slots
  • Reels 5
  • Paylines 10
  • Slot Game Features 5 Reel Slots, Bonus Buy, Bonus Rounds, Scatters, Wild Symbol
  • Min. Bet 0.1
  • Max. Bet 20
  • RTP 94.51
  • Slot Themes Gold
  • Max Winnings 5,000x the bet
  • Hit Frequency 25.3%
  • Legacy of Dead

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