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Demo Slot Piggy Blitz


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Indulge in the latest creation from Play’n Go, a leading provider of iGaming software. Piggy Blitz made its debut on September 21, 2023, drawing inspiration from the iconic piggy bank. Evoking the cherished tradition of saving money in such vessels, Play’n Go offers not only nostalgia but also the opportunity to pocket real cash rewards through this game. Imbued with a vibrant theme, Piggy Blitz immerses players in a world adorned with myriad coins.

Beyond its captivating design, the game boasts magnificent reels arranged in a generous 6 x 4 grid, featuring an impressive 4,096 paylines. Available at top-tier online casinos, Piggy Blitz invites players to embark on an unforgettable gaming experience. Eager to share our firsthand encounter with this captivating slot, we've meticulously crafted a review to offer insights before you delve into the realm of this remarkable real money slot machine at your preferred casino.

Gameplay: Learn Piggy Blitz Winning Strategies

As you initiate the 6×4 grid, your aim is to align matching symbols along the active paylines to secure victories. With an impressive 4,096 paylines at your disposal, achieving winning combinations appears straightforward. However, due to the game's random generation, predicting favorable outcomes or devising foolproof strategies proves elusive. As with many online casino slot machines, success in Piggy Blitz ultimately hinges on luck.

When approaching slots with a mindset geared towards entertainment rather than financial gains, Piggy Blitz emerges as a rewarding pursuit. Within its reels lie the promise of not only real monetary rewards but also the potential for significant wins. By consulting the paytable, players can discern the value of bonus symbols, ranging from the modest to the lucrative. For instance, standard card symbols A through 10 may yield multiplier wins of up to 2x the initial stake. Conversely, aligning symbols such as chips, dice, diamonds, and bells can elevate potential gains to a staggering 8x the stake for a match of six-of-a-kind.

Beyond the Basics: Features of Piggy Blitz Slot

Within the realm of the Piggy Blitz free slot, several distinctive features beckon eager players. Among these, we've unearthed some noteworthy gems: Star Wilds, Cash Coins, and Blitz Spins:

Star Wilds: Acting as versatile symbols, the Star Wilds possess the power to replace other lucrative symbols within the game, barring the Scatters. Should fortune grace you with the appearance of Wilds, seize the opportunity to complete winning combinations and unlock rewarding payouts.

Cash Coins: Delve into a realm of multiplier rewards with the Cash Coins feature in Piggy Blitz. Within this captivating facet, the Minor, Major, and Mega Cash Coins materialize at random across the reels. These coins hold the promise of generous multipliers, ranging from 100x to a staggering 1,000x of your stake. To unleash this feature's potential, aim to land two piggy bank symbols on either the first or last reel.

Blitz Spins: Prepare for an onslaught of excitement with the Blitz Spins feature, wherein landing Scatters on the reels triggers additional spins. Depending on the number of Scatters secured, players can revel in 5, 10, 25, or 50 Free Spins. Moreover, these spins may also yield the coveted Minor, Major, or Mega Cash Coins, enhancing the thrill of the gameplay experience.

Get More Winning Combos: Inside Piggy Blitz Win Potential

Piggy Blitz offers an entertaining ride, but if you're aiming for success, here's a comprehensive guide to enhance your gameplay experience.

Piggy Blitz Bet Limit:

Dive into the realm of real-money wagers with Piggy Blitz by Play n’ Go. Test your luck with bets ranging from a modest $0.10 to a thrilling maximum of $100 per spin. Utilize the intuitive plus/minus button to tailor your bet according to your preference.

Maximum Payout:

Prepare for exhilarating wins with Piggy Blitz, as it boasts an impressive maximum payout potential. With each spin, players stand the chance to rake in rewards of up to 5,000 times their initial stake, translating to a staggering maximum win of $500,000.


Indulge in the thrill of high-stakes gaming, as Piggy Blitz emerges as a high-variance delight tailored to entice seasoned high rollers. Despite its risk, the game maintains a commendable RTP of 96.25%, aligning with industry standards and ensuring a rewarding experience for players.

Hit Frequency:

While the developer remains mum on hit frequency, our hands-on experience with Piggy Blitz offers valuable insights. During our trials, we encountered victories at a frequency of approximately one win in every four spins, placing the hit frequency rate within the range of 19% to 27%.

Results From Our First 100 Spins in Piggy Blitz

Embarking with a generous allotment of 25,000 complimentary credits, my journey into the realm of the Piggy Blitz demo slot commenced. Engaging the convenient autospin feature, I swiftly initiated 100 spins, maintaining a consistent bet of 1.50 throughout the demo gameplay. Upon conclusion, my credits stood at 24,922, a testament to the captivating allure of the game.

The experience proved delightfully entertaining, punctuated by frequent payouts occurring at a rate of approximately once every 4 spins. However, despite the regularity of wins, the rewards remained modest in scale. Initial payouts ranged modestly, with my first earnings tallying 0.65 credits, while the highest reached a modest 24 credits. Furthermore, while the option to collect coins presented itself, the elusive allure of free spins eluded me throughout the duration of the 100 spins.

Piggy Blitz Slot Details

Piggy Blitz Slot Details

  • SoftWare Play'n Go
  • Slot Types Video Slots
  • Reels 5
  • Paylines 4, 096
  • Min. Bet 0.10$
  • Max. Bet 100$
  • RTP 96.25%
  • Slot Themes Vegas
  • Max Winnings 5,000x the stake
  • Piggy Blitz

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